Loaded 0%. The posts from Chicago Contrarian also provide insight in to minds of far too many Chicago police officers. The first post we look at from Chicago Contrarian is a post authored by Second City Cop an alt right blog that folded mysteriously shortly after the insurrection and then appeared posting to the Chicago Contrarian site. In a statement provided to the Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog one of SCCs preferred media outlets the owner of Second City Cop did not rule out reviving the site in a different format, saying: Well, this was certainly a long time coming. secondcity.com Entertainment & Recreation Chicago, IL secondcity.com Joined March 2009 1,215 Following 61.9K Followers Tweets & replies Media Pinned Tweet The Second City The blogs anonymous authors, believed to be at least one current and one former Chicago Police Department officer, would typically craft at least a half-dozen posts per week, offering rumors about internal CPD dynamics and scathing commentary on local leaders and institutions. An author of three books, Mr. Preibs written work has been published in Playboy, Virginia Quarterly Review, New City, and Tin House. No foot chases? Chicago Contrarian Offers Advice to Parents Considering Chicago Private Schools What $40K per year gets your children in the Windy City. reblog: Fed up with Districts Incompetence, Family Decides toHomeschool, Second City Cop Addresses Chicago | Chicago Contrarian, Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Placide Viel, Baby Center (Pregant-Baby-Kid question resource), Biblical Evidence (and arguments) For Catholicism, Catholic Demonology (Verify before trusting ANYTHING here). Almost like theyre scared to show even the tiniest bit of support for the men and women in blue, lest the suspiciously dormant rioters notice them. Where is Chicagos Procedural Justice Now? The following was originally posted on the Chicago Contrarian. December 21, 2022 . CHICAGO Most Chicago cops don't talk to reporters. In the meantime, how about that Groot? Women, children fodder for the militant anti-police movement? We dont want to have the site reliant on the goodwill of the tech giants who have proven since the election that they have no qualms about attacking and silencing conservative thoughts, voices and anything that disrupts the current narrative. All sorts of stuff going on. A business guy does win/loss analysis for why he left Chicago starting with a decline of the lakefront. I have been monitoring the Second City Cop site for a couple of weeks. Alderman is depriving the 35th Ward of its vitality. Tribune to Chicago: Dont Mess With Our Kim Foxx. Changing office routines and crime are two of the major headwinds for the commercial real estate market in Chicago, even with fully lifted state and city restrictions. Read Secondcitycop.blogspot.com news digest here: view the latest Secondcitycop Blogspot articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages. The line between CTU member and political activist has become shadowy. Steakout! Loop police commander demoted after refusing to - CWB Chicago Chicago shooting leaves man injured at North Avenue Beach; 3 CPD One hundred? Chicago Elite Schools Channel Progressive McCarthyism in Admissions, Curriculum. Chicago is stuck with Foxx until she is no longer protected. Mayor Lori Lightfoot got exactly what she wished for. Though Chicagos biased media reliably reported on Jackie Wilsons journey to freedom, it ignored his recent arrest. On-duty as well as off-duty incidents are included. Chicago provides progressives with model to pursue President Trump on baseless charges. Contrarian's Second City Cop - Chicago Contrarian | Facebook Chicago Justice Podcast - Chicago Contrarian Hates Chicago and Facts on Making it impossible to fail in Chicago Public Schools. And though some posts were rife with racial undertones, the CPD would sometimes use the blog as a way to take the temperature of rank-and-file officers. Thats the message, loud and clear. The SCC authors had a long list of recurring targets, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, CPD Supt. Cops are wrong for engaging in.foot pursuits. Who is Saint Patrick and why is he celebrated in Chicago? UIC Social Justice Warriors Confuse Causation with Correlation, But Many Parents Even at Elite Chicago Schools Dont Know the Difference. At least 77 people shot in weekend violence in Chicago, including 17 in Processed with Lensa with Magic Correction. See also Oyler v Boles, 368 US 448, 456 (1962) ("[T]he conscious exercise of some selectivity in enforcement is not in itself a federal constitutional violation."). Can a New Top Editor Bring Accountability to the Chicago Tribune? Cynical Race Theory: Chicago Parents Wake Up to What CRT Really Is. Alderman Ramirez-Rosa's ideological vision conflicts with the American way. Feb 27 With election day nearing, this video serves as a reminder over the importance Police Council elections. Aside from police officers, the blog was a must-read for local journalists and decision-makers in the CPD and mayors office. The Sad Drama of the Chicago City Council. Chicagos Injustice Watch Takes Aim at Chicago Police. Francis Parker updates a classic, the preppy handbook, for the modern private school era. Crimesha has relegated her entire office to being a criminals BFF. In the meantime, everyone reading should make these sites the first place you go for news and educated opinion: Watch your backs boys and girls. How do we know hes a gangbanger? Cops Rarely Pull Over Drivers In Their Own Neighborhoods, Data Shows The Chicago Police Department, as part of, and empowered by, the community, is committed to protect the lives,. Cook County Prosecutor Scolds Kim Foxx in Retirement Letter. The incident happened in the 5200 block of South Spaulding Avenue, according to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA, which investigates officer-involved shootings. We had gotten similar warnings from others in the past, and we dealt with or ignored them as the situation warranted. Did you know that after the suicide in 019, not a single member of the Command Staff showed up at Roll Calls for at least three days? Martin Preib December 28, 2022 Chicago's Injustice Watch Takes Aim at Chicago Police Non-partisanship is DOA (dead on arrival) at Chicago schools. Reporting on Shooting of 13-year-old follows tired, baseless script. Beverly, Mount Greenwood, and Morgan Park deserve an alderman better attuned to the needs of residents. Legislation proves once again Chicago, Illinois, lead the revolt against the American Republic. Second City Cop has a memo for Chicago's elected leaders and a warning to residents. Statement From Second City Cop Posted on January 13, 2021 SCC explains the decision to shut down their website: Well, this was certainly a long time coming. HAPD. Steven Montano is facing charges of first-degree murder, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated discharge of a firearm and two additional misdemeanors, the . Evidence abounds commission that allowed for the release of Jackie Wilson for his role in murder of two officers is a constitutional travesty. A win for the CTU is always a loss for Chicago public school students. It is our belief that the timing of the the shutting down of their blog was no accident. It looks like Second City Cop has a new home Rebuilding Chicago: An Exit Analysis Provides Clues to Fixing Things. As critical race theory makes inroads, Chicago schools condone bigotry by progressive educators. Over the last couple years I find I get the most perspective on the city and region from Wirepoints, CWB Chicago and Chicago Contrarian. Enforcement of COVID-19 Restrictions, Thanksgiving Gatherings, and Police officers in some jurisdictions in the United States are being asked to enforce restrictions on the number of people who may gather around the Thanksgiving table due to concerns over the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus. Conflicts between federal court cases and stories peddled by Tribune reporter Greg Pratt explain why so few trust media. Man released on murder conviction by Foxx arrested for home invasion, kidnapping. City of Chicago Attorneys: Prosecutors Didnt Believe Men Innocent of Murder. Review of records finds COPA hasnt notified prosecutors of false allegations in the last three years. The stakes of CPDbudget hearing are too great for aldermen to wilt. Shareholders' vote places Tribune's future in Alden's hands. Downtown office space is obsolete for the most part. In this episode we take a look at a couple recent posts that provide insight in to the mind set of the insurrectionists on January 6th. It looks like Second City Cop has a new home. It's not white flight. Voters in Chicago cast their ballots Tuesday for mayor, alderman, city treasurer, clerk and representatives on police district councils. Pupils need to lift themselves from their own predicaments. Really. Sound familiar? Hearing in the Chicago City Council began badly and ended as a nightmare. Second City Cop Purged From The Internet! Jump to. We are trying though. Just when you think things couldnt get any worse, Groot goes out, makes things infinitely worse, and then blamesthe Police! Fate of CPD Officers Coughlin and Torres reveal why the Tyshon Brownlees of Chicago run free. With Jackie Wilsons path to freedom through Torture Commission under fire in federal court, should Kim Foxx be prosecuting him on charges of beating woman? Chicago Tribune Reporter Megan Crepeau and Her Dirty Little Secrets, To overcome a final legal hurdle, Jackie Wilson's lawsuit requires support from activist journalists like Megan Crepeau . Our security is paramount in all of our calculations, and that means no obvious trail back to our people. Its Time to Hold CTU Responsible for the Violence Tearing Apart Chicagos Streets. It is filled with hatred and privilege that Blair seems immune form recognizing. in Chicago, went dark, thanks to the threatened public identification of its author (s) (which would have exposed him/them to retaliation). The Rise of Anti-Merit: Objective Criteria Goes by the Wayside in Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives at Chicago Companies. Emergent social norms and polycentric governance strengthen civility. Cuomos release of Weather Underground member David Gilbert reveals radicalized Democratic Party. The first post we look at from Chicago Contrarian is a post authored by Second City Cop an alt right blog that folded mysteriously shortly after the insurrection and then appeared posting to the Chicago Contrarian site. (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune) View All Writers More Articles by the Author On Chicago: Lightfoot Faces Her First Serious Reelection Challenge An unqualified Obama apparatchik could pose a threat to Chicago's hapless mayor. And whos in charge around these parts? On Chicago: Merry Christmas and an Unhappy New Year. Area 5 commander sets record straight on murder investigation, rebukes Kim Foxx, Sun-Times coverage of case. Chicago Police Commander's E-mail Rips Prosecutors, Media in Child Murder Case. One-third failed. What it Will Take to Keep Companies in Sweet Home Chicago. Fearlessness is certainly characteristic of Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's third Black, second female and first LGBTQ mayor. Once again, allegations raise the question: Who does Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx work for? In this episode we take a look at a couple recent posts that provide insight in to the mind set of the insurrectionists on January 6th. CHICAGO People driving in the city's two police strongholds are least likely to be pulled over, according to an analysis of 2020 Chicago police data. Mayor Lori Lightfoot holds a clearance sale. Are you going to believe Kim Foxx or your lying eyes Chicago? The following was originally posted on the Chicago Contrarian. As the future of the paper remains uncertain, a window of opportunity for atonement by Tribune reporters is closing. Think Different - A Commander with the Aurora Police Department in Illinois discusses law enforcement issues on this blog. Martin Preib. Mayor Lightfoot ignored hedge fund manager's pleas for reconciliation. Second City Cop Archives - Criminal Infographics - HeyJackass! The Cook County State's Attorney's Office is on life support. Life goes on until it doesnt. Like his predecessors, Pritzker sells out his office to radical overlords. No one else will. Politics Trumps Public Safety for Two Chicago Aldermen. Chicago Does Away With Educational Standards: Failing Students Pushed Along, Comparative Testing Abolished. Tribune columnist Eric Zorn attacks reek of desperation. Heather ODonnell of the Chicago social services agency Thresholds says the money is an opportunity to really build up substance use care.. And nowa dead 13-year-old gangbanger. February 8, 2023 Chicago Police Officer's Odyssey After Attack Explains Low Police Morale South Side officer Michelle Murphy gets last word after 10-year betrayal by every institution in Chicago. Chicago needs bold and principled leadership. Not only that, but they will almost all be armed. The Cook County prosecutor and the bomb throwers. Stinky Politics: Free Gas Becomes Centerpiece of Chicagos Mayoral Race. But dems and lefties are talking like there was another Federal courthouse burned in Portland, a building leveled by a truck bomb in Oklahoma City, maybe some airliners crashed into New York skyscrapers, the author wrote. Executives are worried about the legality and business impacts of woke discrimination in hiring and promotion. Alderman Michele Smiths proposal to reform City Council will hardly usher in a golden age of ethics in Chicago politics. Racism in schools: From the Virginia governors election to Latin and Francis Parker. WGNs Ben Bradley serves as press secretary and reporter during webinar on crime in Cook County. Or undocumented in the parlance of the current administration. Elected officials cringe before blowhard newsreader Dave Savini. Fairy Tales Claim Big Problem for Chicago Media? And your fronts. It's time for Chicago to re-think urban planning. J.B. Pritzker, Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, the Chicago Teachers Union, the American Civil Liberties Union, various CPD supervisors, clergy leaders and the media. The posts from Chicago COREs shadowy past should cast doubt its next slating will be a democratic exercise. David Brown Dehumanizes Members of the Chicago Police Department. Sections of this page. New legal motions contend Foxx prosecutors bowed to Tribune pressure in anti-police claims. Mayor leaves police, city attorneys at the mercy of smear merchants. HAPD. The Magnificent Mile: Building the First Chicago Retail Equity Zone, Being the mayor of the third largest city in the country, that's humbling, but it also gives me incredible hope., How Chicago Lost Dominance Over the Convention Industry. Crimeshahas relegated her entire office to being a criminals BFF. Silence on destructive behavior and the bullying of city employees into compliance. If youre paying attention, you know it has already begun. And again, we can only say, Maybe. We want to bring it (or something similar) back so that cops have somewhere to vent and participate in a give-and-take conversation. Minority mothers, whose kids are being raped, shot, mugged and murdered (check the HeyJackass.com stats page). It's why for the past 15 years the "Second City Cop" police blog has been must-read for many Chicagoans who want to have a better understanding about crime and justice in their city. Chicagos Failed Experiment with Bail Reform. Smaller & Taller: Fairness to Fellow Chicagoans, The Elections Chicago Cannot Afford to Overlook. Let's hold off on popping open the bubbly and swinging from the chandeliers. Did the demise of American media start in Chicagos pretentious alternative press? 2:47. Chicago Crime 2021 Archives - Criminal Infographics - HeyJackass! Carlos Ramirez-Rosa: False Prophet of Chicagos 35th Ward. If youre paying attention, you know it has already begun. A business guy does win/loss analysis for why he left Chicago starting with a decline of the lakefront. Our Writers Athanasius Quinlan James Bosco Jordan Powell V Clyde Stewart George Shay ), social media posting, employment (cops not welcome here), bumper stickers Have you heard of Operation Choke Point? Ideologically, the choice between Vallas and Johnson is . New Policing Strategy Certain to Wreak Havoc on Chicago's Streets. What Senator McCarthy is remembered for Are you now or have you ever been has been twisted, refined (Bake that cake! Powered by Sarcasm, Stats & Booze, Ace of Spades blog the smartest blog in the world right now, Instapundit / PJ Media the Godfather of Libertarian blogging, Breitbart even when its over the top, its more than youll get from mainstream sources, The Contrarian in depth investigative reporting may just be reborn there. Even though the information in it was not necessarily accurate or helpful or based on fact, you at least got a sense of what was bothering people, to some extent, the source added. James Lileks, Blogger and old digitization-capable stuff collector Supreme! This part is darkly amusing you know who is suffering quite a bit in Chicago? Including the District Commander. And again, we can only say, Maybe. We want to bring it (or something similar) back so that cops have somewhere to vent and participate in a give-and-take conversation. Second City Cop-On Chicago: Lightfoot the Dictator - Thee RANT 35K 7,711 4. While the research on the uses, Google Podcasts | Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher. It's time for the 43rd Ward Alderwoman to take a moment for introspection. Chicago Contrarian on Twitter: "Second City Cop has a memo for Chicago Chicago Mayor Issues a Flurry of 11th-Hour Campaign Promises. Tinnitus, Ringing in your Ears (A different sort of 'head noises'. Discord Over Grading System Should Compel CPS to Re-Think Technology in Classrooms. Depravity, rules for thee and not for me and bullying culture appear systemic at Chicagos most elite private school. Many thanks to theContrarianfor letting us camp out here and waste their electrons for a little while to touch base with everyone. Chicagos Best High Schools: Select Enrollment, Not So Select, New CPS proposal will further peck away at Select Enrollment admissions standards in the 2023-2024 school year to further equity., What Alderman Raymond Lopez Brings to the Chicago Mayoral Race. Kim Foxx Under Fire Again In Police Murder Case. Also on the show today we discuss the city trying to fire the Sergeant that oversaw the raid on Anjanette Young raid. Chicagos Newest Giveaway: Paid Parental Leave. Competitively bidding out city services would best serve Chicago residents. Federal Officials Grant Sweet Deal in Case of Threats against Chicago Police. What Crain's Won't Publish: What Executives Really Think About The Former Illinois Gov. 2009-2012 stats account for on duty CPD incidents only. They tell us so in e-mails and e-learning videos. Social media pictures of him flashing gang signs. In any event, the BIG question.is the blog coming back? Mayor Lightfoot, Superintendent Brown to Chicago Police: Stop Arresting Criminals. CPS shared a welcome letter with parents but neglected to share that all kids will have an opportunity to learn radical gender ideology and Critical Race Theory. Its time to put the brakes on shakedown settlements in Chicago. In closing, wed just like to thank a few people: We have a few hundred e-mails waiting for us, begging for info, and all we can say right now is, We dont know. We dont know if this is it, we dont know if well return. Sun-Times, Chicago Media Stirring Civil Unrest? The differing treatment of Foxx and Lightfoot by Chicago media is telling. A marriage made in progressive heaven, former Chicago Tribune reporter Dan Hinkel joins the Better Government Association. Sun-Times file After 15 years as an online water-cooler for Chicago's police officers, the anonymously authored Second City Cop blog was closed to the public over the weekend. Two more suicides while were in limbo nothing from the Groot and worse, a canned e-mail fromBrownie. Another Chicago Media Figure Comes to the Aid of Kim Foxx. Policing in Chicago Will Suffer After the SAFE-T Act. About 70. It shouldif you have any recollections of the show trials behind the Iron Curtain, in Southeast Asia, in assorted Middle East kleptocracies. Theyve already all but banned vehicle pursuits, so now chasing anyone on foot is to be regulated, monitored and banned. peter w busch why is it important to serve your family chicago contrarian second city cop. Chicagos anti-police movement looks to notch another victory over police. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Was there any doubt murders, police suicides, car jackings and chaos would follow Special Monitor Maggie Hickeys appointment to oversee Chicago police? Chicago's new foot-chase policy certain to usher in a new crime wave. An explanation of winter vs nesting robins locally, winter aconite in snow, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and ice shacks being down on Lake Winnebago are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors. The Business of Chicago is No Longer Business. Lets look at that.. The Cost of the Chicago Teachers Union Strike, Chicago Public School Educator Affirms Anti-Police Bias in Jon Burge Curriculum. 2023 Chicago live election results - Chicago Tribune It is fair to pass judgment on Adam Toledos death. We could regale you with stories about what we've been doing the past sixty days, but rest assured, you'd be bored pretty darn quick. CHICAGO Most Chicago cops don't talk to reporters. The Driver's Side" - News From The Motorist's Perspective To Reduce Crime in Chicago, Alderwoman Michele Smith Needs a Mirror. Any reporters out there looking to make some waves, or is that illegal now? History Museum. Second City Cop - A Chicago city cop shares his thoughts on police issues in this award winning blog. Alderman is depriving the 35th Ward of its vitality. The exoneration movement penetrates police training. Bloomberg Bloomberg. While Vallas is known for a tough-on-crime campaign with calls for hiring hundreds of additional . Brown and Carter seek numbers crunching as replacement for vigilant policing. Chicago Tribune's Suicide Offers a Glimmer of Hope. CPS shared a welcome letter with parents but neglected to share that all kids will have an opportunity to learn radical gender ideology and Critical Race Theory. Chicago Police Officer's Odyssey After Attack Explains Low Police Morale. With an obedient media protecting the most corrupt elected official in the country, Chicago and Illinois are now doomed. Crimefile News 2.16K subscribers 2.6K views 2 years ago In an Outrageous move a popular Chicago Unofficial Police Blog was erased from Cyberspace.. Will new leadership at the Tribune plot a new tack or stick with a failing strategy? New Signs CBS, Dave Savini Shattered the Career of Chicago Police Officer? Chicagos Immersion in Anti-Police Movement Allows Predators to Roam Free. . AURORA, Ill. - An Illinois city has been named one of the happiest cities in . David Brown, Gov. Families and retirees are leaving Chicago with empty, unlisted homes behind. In closing, from someone far wiser than we: You arent here to save societyyou are here to document the downfall, one RD number at a time. This is what they wantnay, demanded. Nah! The free exchange of ideas in schools is a relic of a bygone era. The Second City (@TheSecondCity) / Twitter Follow The Second City @TheSecondCity Legendary sketch comedy and improv theater & Training Center. The Chicago Teachers Union focuses on everything but teaching and learning. CPS preaches pronouns and the 72 genders, as Chicago kids make non-binary ninja jokes. They don't trust politicians. The CTU plays the race, sexism cards and loses. The size of Mayor Lightfoots Command Post comes under scrutiny. Judges' rulings poke holes in Foxx's treasured exonerations, expose media bias. After 15 years, popular 'Second City Cop' blog goes dark Criminalizing Police Becomes Law in Illinois. chicago contrarian second city cop - joinclasses.com