He also mentioned that they hadn't decided whether they would make him one by the game's release or not. "[35] Both alluded to Ocelot's American origins, with "ADAM" being the codename of the NSA defector assigned to meet Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. [48] After the duel with Snake, Ocelot exclaims, "You were lucky! He then managed to successfully steal RAY, sinking the tanker in the process. Prior to the torture sequence, if the player hasn't saved in a long time, Ocelot will remark to Snake, "You really wanna travel down that long road again?". After Snake and EVA try to escape using the WiG, Ocelot quite literally crashes the party, and dumps Snake's weapons into the lake. However, he only did this under the condition that Big Boss be allowed to join them as well. We'll meet again! Ocelot's arm transplant was described as having been performed in Lyon, France, which was the location of the world's first hand transplant team. When he was younger, Ocelot appeared to show patriotism toward Russia, always speaking up in defiance of Volgin's reckless killing of their fellow countrymen. When Huey was exiled from Diamond Dogs, Ocelot displayed great maturity, stating his hopes that Huey would one day accept the painful truth and realize what kind of man he was. While potentially referencing Snake and Liquid's rivalry, this statement is also ironically true in regards to Ocelot's previous battles with both Naked Snake and Solid Snake. Unlike other candidates in the race, Edwards says he supports gun safety legislation, including universal background checks. We'll create a world dripping. Despite his young age, Ocelot demonstrated a lot of potential, which caused Naked Snake to take a liking to him, a sentiment that quickly became mutual. If the player refuses to submit to the torture session in the original PlayStation version, Ocelot reveals that Snake is actually the inferior clone, and that the U.S. President is the third clone known as Solidus, during the post-credits telephone conversation. However, having apparently misspent his ammunition, due to SAA carrying fewer rounds than he was used to, Ocelot was roundly defeated. He instead declared that while he would keep up appearances in front of Venom Snake for now, he would only do so to undermine Big Boss by strengthening his phantom; one day, he would also seek out Big Boss' son and train him to cause the downfall of his plans. [8], When differences arose regarding Zero's interpretation of The Boss's will, especially following the project Les Enfants Terribles, Big Boss parted ways with the organization, while Ocelot maintained limited contact. Snake's appearance was actually engineered by Liquid's personality. Requiring a character who could speak about Russia within the main story, director Hideo Kojima made Ocelot of Russian descent. His weapon of choice was the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, which he regarded as "the greatest handgun ever made.". If the player gets a game over and Ocelot is the voice over reacting to Snake's death, after yelling Snake's name, he grunts (made more apparent in the Japanese version), apparently meant to foreshadow his hypnotherapy wearing off and possibly implying that the hypnotherapy would only be in effect as long as Venom Snake was alive.[55]. His boss fight is also one of the few that doesn't contain any supernatural elements in it and one of only two canon non-lethal fights Snake has in the storyline (the other being the first phase of the Volgin fight). In the locker room screen, the player had the option of choosing the Single Action Army if playing as Ocelot. then die! Ocelot was also to have held genuine loyalty to Solidus, and was also intended to have been killed by Snake. Although her unborn child was saved from the bullet, The Joy entered a coma for three months before regaining consciousness. What happens if you use AutofireMy theory as to how Ocelot detects the use of Autofire in the GameCube version, and presumably also the PS1 version, is that. This includes chipmunks, red squirrels, flying squirrels and more exotic species like prevost squirrels. Ocelot then faced off against Liquid Snake in the second round, defeating him. His salute was his signature hand gesture, his CQC move was the regular CQC grab and throw technique, and he could only be playable by the highest ranking player, should that player pick the Ocelot Unit as his/her team. Ocelot displays rising enthusiasm every time he reloads his revolvers in the boss battle, getting faster and faster at it every time. Following Dr. Emmerich's arrival at base, Ocelot and Miller tortured him for info regarding his role in the destruction of MSF and the old Mother Base. Although Ocelot knew that the similarities to the Shadow Moses Incident were deliberate, he nonetheless felt a sense of nostalgia to when he tortured Snake in a torture room similar to the one they were currently in. [24] During this time, he aided Solidus, helping him to go into hiding after the Patriots had planned to kill him. He's by far the best gunfighter in Metal Gear. He also appeared as a sticker, which can only be worn by Ganondorf. Towards the end of the Shadow Moses Incident, Ocelot discussed plans with Liquid concerning an alliance with Gurlukovich's mercenary forces, though this never came to be due to REXs destruction at the hands of Snake, the Ninja and Otacon. As a young man, Ocelot was extremely arrogant, overly confident and had a large ego. He's so skilled that he can control the ricochets of his shots and target people even when they're out of sight or behind cover. In addition, Ocelot used his influence to gain his old comrade Sergei Gurlukovich's support, providing military hardware to the Sons of Big Boss. His battleship would be chased by a worthless fossil. They ordered Diamond Dogs to bomb the island with napalm to make sure any remaining trace of the parasites might be destroyed. [9] He eventually became dissatisfied with the agency's rigid system and left Russia. It is only in Metal Gear Solid 4 that the player is finally able to canonically defeat Ocelot (albeit as Liquid Ocelot). Throughout the series, he takes on a variety of roles: the archenemy of Solid Snake, the best friend of Naked Snake, the right-hand man of Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, and a mentor to Venom Snake.Ocelot has been well received by video game publications for his role as a central villain . Ocelot's personality slowly began to resurface as the fight progressed, using his signature hand gestures and moves that he remembered from his fight with Big Boss back in 1964. You may be looking for. On image boards and discussion forums, the character is often referenced in the form of demotivational images. It was Snake who first suggested that he use a revolver.Official description in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. During this time, he also underwent the appropriate VR training for piloting RAY for the moment he ended up stealing it. A master of interrogation and a formidable gunfighter, he was often referred to as a "ricochet genius" in regards to his gun fighting skills. Afterwards, he headed off to take down the Patriots, although Snake theorized that the Patriots may have given Ocelot a bogus location to begin with. [the Ocelot unit all laugh at Snake] Ocelot : [Ocelot flips out his gun and catches it with his right hand] If you're not The Boss. Ocelot was named for the species of wild cat that lives on the American continent, while his real name of Adamska is derived from "Adam. At some point, he had his right arm replaced with Liquid's arm via an arm transplant surgery in Lyon, France, with Solidus presumably being involved in the funding. Miller also briefly imitates Ocelot in an alternate post-mission conversation for the same mission if the player doesn't recreate all the mysterious photographs, parodying the post-credits conversation for Metal Gear Solid. A hidden Easter egg shows Ocelot secretly in attendance during Big Boss's award ceremony at Langley. Through his interrogation efforts, he learned of the outbreak's ties to an elderly biologist, codenamed "Code Talker", and Snake dispatched to Lufwa Valley to retrieve him. His signature weapon is the Tornado-6, which allows him to either double wield the pistols, or otherwise use one in conjunction with a shield. TITUSVILLE. We're living in an age where true feelings are suppressed. Ocelot also attached the 9 mm bullet, which had jammed during his encounter with Snake, to a chain that he would wear around his neck, having modified it to fit the Single Action Army with which he intended to revenge himself upon Snake.[6]. [43][44], Ocelot appears as his younger self in the prequel Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He also calls Snake out on his submitting to the torture and placing Meryl in danger. Ocelot was later present with Liquid when deciding which to make REX's target, learning more of Liquid's plans about Outer Heaven, as well as wondering whether to keep Meryl as bait for Snake. In addition, he was also ordered by Solidus to plant the idea into Fortune and Vamp to hijack Arsenal Gear from Solidus as a way to "draw the Patriots' fire" while Solidus hunts down the names of the Wisemen's Committee. Volgin, however, satisfied with the outcome, left the room. camp jupiter centurion. He possesses similar mobility to those of the Scout-class, and his health and stamina are between those of the Scout-class and Enforcer-class. Ocelot also supervised Quiet's torture for an explanation after learning that she was a carrier for the vocal cord parasites, although he disagreed with Miller's belief that she was a threat. Interrogate him about the "revolver-twirling man," and he will mention that he went to the. Afterwards, Ocelot replaced Liquid's arm with a cybernetic one. In another trailer, Ocelot is shown interrogating Huey Emmerich and overseeing the interrogation of Quiet. His life was to have been forfeit if both survived the encounter, ensuring The Sorrow's death.[4]. He also submitted some blueprints of a potential future weapon for the United States. This idolization was also the reason why Ocelot joined FOXHOUND, Big Boss's former group[17], assisted in Big Boss's Diamond Dogs plan, and became Liquid Ocelot to continue Big Boss's dream. Corum Bubble 47 mm Revolver Limited Edition $3,500 (tpa > Tampa) pic 171.6mi hide this posting restore restore this posting. Eventually, Ocelot and Miller received a call for help from Dr. "Huey" Emmerich, MSF's former weapons developer, and deployed Venom Snake to extract him. In 1975, after Big Boss's Militaires Sans Frontires were decimated by rogue Cipher strike force XOF, Ocelot was contacted by Zero for the last time. [9] Afterwards, he joined the SVR (a successor agency of the KGB). Membership and slips. Recommended videos Powered by AnyClip AnyClip Product Demo 2022 Before the duel, Ocelot exchanged first names with Snake to demonstrate that they were "real men", and not their animal namesakes. Jacksonville police shot a gun-wielding suspect multiple times outside a Hyde Park home where another man was then found dead inside, according to Chief Mark Romano.. Police were called to a . Ocelot was also shown riding with Big Boss on his horse, while Big Boss is fending himself against a burning apparition resembling the long-deceased Colonel Volgin. In his appearance nearing the ending of the trailer, Ocelot managed to destroy Big Boss's hijacked walker with a rocket launcher, with Big Boss narrowly evading being killed by the blast. Later games would reveal that he was also one of the founding members of the Patriots. It was nicknamed "La Ggne," an abbreviation of Gnratrice, which means "Generator.". But midway through the duel, his right hand was cut off by the Cyborg Ninja, and he was forced to flee, taking the amputated hand with him. After Fatman was killed after attempting to blow up the Big Shell, Ocelot reported to Solidus the possibility that Fatman was actually planted by the Patriots, gave the damage report for Shell 2, had planted the Semtex around the Shell connecting bridge, and got Emma Emmerich to explain things relating to Arsenal Gear via truth serum. Ocelot, intrigued, then agreed to join him in the formation of a new organization. Ocelot may have received the FOXDIE vaccination. At Zero's request, he also established contact with Kazuhira Miller, Big Boss's former comrade, and leader of MSF's successors Diamond Dogs. Ocelot vowed in turn to seek out the other son, Eli, to oppose Miller and Cipher. Head to the Town at nightfall and locate the Government Official in one of the upper buildings. Travel to the Airport and interrogate the FOX soldier at the control deck in order to learn the man's radio frequency: 141.23. favorite this post Nov 22 13 cds, Dave Mathews, Duran Duran, Metallica, etc $40 (dab > Ormond Beach) pic 80.7mi hide this posting restore restore this posting. $40. Pushing the First Person View button when President Johnson attempts to shake Snake's hand will reveal Ocelot standing outside the office window behind Johnson, performing his trademark gesture. If the button-press speed exceeds this thresh-hold, the game will automatically assume that the player is using an auto-fire controller and will trigger the instant death.[56]. in English. Ocelot is quick and agile when you fight him in MGS3, just like an ocelot. We're living in an age where true feelings are suppressed. [21] They made Decoy Octopus disguise himself as Anderson to talk Snake into the act. [58] This update was erroneously reported as having occurred on July 31, 2017. He was also more merciful and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, most clearly seen with his treatment of former XOF operative Quiet. ", Ocelot's trademark gesture, where he points two fingers as if a gun, was ad-libbed by Kanazawa Tarou, Ocelot's motion capture actor. He also was given a subtle reference in the HD version of the game, where his catchphrase, "You're pretty good", was the name of an achievement/trophy issued to players who successfully managed to shoot a soldier in the rear end and instantly down them. "Hideo Kojima: Game Guru, Movie Maniac," by Steven Kent. and "You're pretty good" (the same phrase that Revolver Ocelot said to Solid Snake in 2005 and that Big Boss said to Ocelot in 1964). "[46], The scene where EVA escapes from Ocelot's grip was originally intended to be much longer: EVA jumps down from the platform after kicking Ocelot, and Ocelot jumps down after her. He enjoyed showing off and was quick to inform others of his rank and status in the military. It's an ocelot with a revolver, I mean that looks somehow elegant. A while later, Ocelot had to protect the base's upset children from going near a pit filled with toxic chlorine disinfectant; a memento of their deceased friend had been thrown in by Eli and they wanted to rescue it, not understanding the danger. While the frequency of his use of said hand gestures would dwindle over the years, he would use them again in 2014 to signify his respect towards Solid Snake during their fistfight atop Outer Haven, as well as during his final moments. He also has the signature ability of "Shalashaska", which endows him with the following abilities: He also has 27 ability slots, most of which are related to Intel, and as such technically makes him more powerful than Venom Snake. Throughout his career, Ocelot became personally acquainted with all five men codenamed Snake: a friendly rival to Big Boss (aka Naked Snake), the right hand man for Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, one of Venom Snake's top advisers, and a nemesis to Solid Snake. "Revolver Ocelot." -Revolver Ocelot. On August 8, 2007, Ocelot used the help of Sergei Gurlukovich and the Gurlukovich Mercenaries to infiltrate the tanker in which RAY was being transported and steal it (or "taking it back," in his words). The world today has become too soft. Although he does not appear in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Trial Edition, he does have a brief voice cameo near the end of the demo, where he attempts to talk a Colonel out of trying to nuke his fellows to no avail, though he is not actually identified. Ocelot led the Diamond Dogs in Kazuhira Miller's absence, following the commander's capture in Afghanistan by Soviet forces. Ocelot then returned and tended to Venom Snake as he came to, fleeing on horseback. a real life incident that occurred in September 1960. During the interrogation, he revealed that he had fought wars in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Mozambique, and Chad, also revealing his allegiance to Gurlukovich and inferring that he planned to restore Russia. In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, the player is given the option to recruit Ocelot. Ocelot tortured Huey for an explanation, suspicious of the timing between Sahelanthropus' repair work and Eli's escape. The game detects if an auto-fire controller is in use by setting a button-press thresh-hold. In 2003, Ocelot and EVA became allies of Naomi Hunter, and used her adoptive brother Gray Fox to kill FOXHOUND's medical chief Dr. Clark (formerly Para-Medic). ", while in the final game, he says "You're going to nuke your fellow Russians!? Ocelot returned to aid them and tended to Big Boss first, supplying him with clean clothing, a motorcycle, and a cover identity. His last words to Snake, now with the Liquid persona fully gone, were: "I am Liquid's doppelganger and you are his", "[You're] just like your father." All joined of their own will, united by their disregard for government notions of friend and foe, and East and West. Ocelot re-encountered Snake at the Bolshaya Past crevice, where they had a gun duel. During the 1980s, several female Diamond Dogs' soldiers formed a "team" supporting him in rivalry with those who preferred Miller, though some had concerns with his unpredictability.[28]. A fanatic, he was known for his affinity towards Spaghetti Westerns, as evidenced by his choice of weapon and his clothing, duster and spurs, the traditional garb of cowboys. [30] However, he confessed that did not have quick enough translating skill to act as Venom Snake's Russian interpreter in the field.[31]. By 2014, Liquid Ocelot resurfaced to plan his insurrection against the Patriots. Although Ocelot himself does not actually appear within Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes itself, he is referenced in the Dj Vu Extra Op from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, with his dialogue in Metal Gear Solid being imitated and paraphrased by Kazuhira Miller during the end quiz segment. boudicca attack on london. Upon arrival, Ocelot emphasized that Venom Snake must revive the legend of Big Boss by performing a solo infiltration of enemy territory, although he would act as mission adviser via radio from Mother Base. In Kojima's "Grand Game Plan," it was intended that Ocelot, after boarding Metal Gear RAY on the tanker, would step on Sergei, rather than shoot him prior to boarding as he does in the final version. [39], At some point between 2005 and 2007, Ocelot, with EVA's help, utilized a prototype device meant for the S3 Plan that was stolen by the latter from the Patriots to begin his attempt at becoming Liquid Ocelot.[40]. He then promptly fought against the Beauty and the Beast Unit in the third round, of whom he finished off. Afterwards, Ocelot placed someone under surveillance as per Solidus's orders,[23] sold Metal Gear REX's test data to many nations via the black market (earning enough money for him to "buy a decent-sized country" in the process), and broke Naomi out of prison. But, I am more and more wondering how, when and why Ocelot decided to be the bad guy. Liquid Snake suspected that part of the reason Ocelot liked revolvers was due to his sadistic nature: the ammunition's slow velocity allowed it to be embedded in the body, which required a long time for the body to heal, if the resulting wound could even heal at all. He presumably also piloted the RAY prototype before then to save Solidus and damaged the connecting bridge after Raiden shot down his Harrier. However after his first encounter with Big Boss, then known as Naked Snake, his personality slowly began to change. It isn't until the Liquid persona vanishes and Ocelot's original personality resurfaces that the FOXDIE kills him. He would then use the hypnotherapy upon himself, to make himself believe that the body-double was truly Big Boss, and would support him in his vengeful campaign against XOF and its leader Skull Face, intending to recover the memory at an appropriate future date. If Snake kills Ocelot after he is knocked unconscious in the Virtuous Mission, or during the fight with Colonel Volgin in the Shagohod hangar, a, Shooting the markhor during Snake's battle with Ocelot, at. The player can shoot Ocelot's beret off his head, which he will attempt to retrieve even at the cost of opening himself for an attack. The duel itself was, however, a ruse, as Ocelot fired first, without harming Snake. Following Volgin's defeat in combat and the bombs' subsequent detonation, Ocelot pursued Snake and EVA on motorcycle, and was later saved from falling debris by Snake's rocket launcher. REVOLVER OCELOTFIRST APPEARED INMetal Gear Solid (1998)Former member of the NSA, CIA, KGB, GRU, FOXHOUND, and others. After his defeat, believing that he had succeeded in his plans, Ocelot predicted that, with the Patriots gone and the world about to descend into chaos, his goal (fulfilling Big Boss's "Outer Heaven") had been achieved. During the Shagohod chase sequence, Ocelot insults Volgin in anger after the latter nearly killed him with the Shagohod's rocket boosters. Resist! If the player does not shower by a certain point, Venom Snake when returning to Mother Base will be greeted by various soldiers who attempt to stifle his bad odor while barely managing to welcome him back to base, while Ocelot bluntly tells Venom Snake that he stank before promptly giving him an impromptu bath by dousing him with a bucket. Although Ocelot and The Boss's familial relationship can be deduced from the game's storyline, it is not made clear whether the two characters themselves were aware of it. Ocelot's marksmanship skills were demonstrated as early as the Virtuous Mission, when, back when he was still using a Makarov, he proceeded to kill a KGB soldier trying to hide from him simply via the use of the bullet's ricochet.