Yinka Farinde

Singer, songwriter, record, producer, entrepreneur

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Omoniyi Adeyinka Farinde
  • Date of Birth: 25, Dec 1960
  • Residence: Canada


The name Omoniyi Adeyinka Farinde may not ring a bell but at the mention of “Chief” Yinka Farinde, then the name clicks instantly. He is a strong force to reckon with in the music industry and the Nigerian Community generally in Canada.

Yinka Farinde, who was born in Osogbo in Osun State, started his music carrier at the age of 10 as a member of the choir of Okanla Baptist Church in Osogbo. He is a self taught drummer, including conga, drum set, talking drum and percussions since his primary school days. In 1989, Yinka Farinde migrated from Nigeria to Canada where he formed his first band in 1994 called the New Horizon, which was subsequently changed to Yinka & The Juju Beats.

For over two decades, this man who can be referred to as a multitalented and all round entertainer has been promoting Multiculturalism in Canada, little wonder he is among the first set of people that were honored with the title of “Chief” in the country. Also, as a musician, he is the founder of the first Nigerian Musical Band in Canada.

Being a fashion conscious person, he has also invested in the fashion business, it is on record that he is the first to start sewing and embroidery of African Clothes in the country.

As a result of his selflessness, he further taught this time-consuming skill to others in the Yoruba Community over there. He is the first Nigerian Musical and Video Promoter in Canada. He is responsible for bringing many popular artists to perform in the country to the admiration of fun lovers. He recently brought Shina Akanni and Tolu Obey to perform in Toronto.

Also, as a volunteer and Board member of Victory and Praise Christian Ministry, he plays an integral role in the daily operations of the organization. For the past seventeen years, he has been giving his time freely to further advance the Musical Department of this church. He has been instrumental in teaching the youths of Victory and Praise to play the keyboard and drums. Because of his expert tutelage, we now have keyboardists and drummers who themselves are volunteering and giving back to the Community from which they learnt so much.